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Sleep is not random

I often hear parents say "my baby just doesn't sleep", or that their baby is "a bad sleeper".

People believe that their baby does not need much sleep, or, that their little one does not nap because they are worried they will miss out.

Most of the time these are not true. It is really just because they do not know the science behind baby sleep or figured out what is right for their little one. That is where I come in to help! Baby sleep is like a puzzle and their is a formula that works to improve your little ones sleep.

What would I analyse? 1. Optimising sleep environment. Ensuring your child's sleep space is conducive to sleep would be the first thing to check.

2. Routine. Take a look at overall routine to check the balance of sleep. Sleep is constantly evolving to as your little one grows their sleep needs also change.

  1. Are naps too long or too short?

  2. Is your little one having too much or too little daytime sleep?

  3. Are your naps taking place at the wrong times?

Nailing daytime sleep is often a HUGE step in the right direction to getting a more settled night sleep.

3. Self-settling. Once these two things are sorted we can look at self-settling and I will support you throughout with the perfect plan for your family.

If you’re ready to get your baby sleeping well, Lets have a chat!

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