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Dress Your Baby for Comfortable Sleep

Dressing your baby for sleep can cause parents so much stress. Why? We know that overheating a baby isn’t safe and that cold babies don’t sleep well. Here is some information about how to dress your baby for sleep and how to know if they are comfortable.

The Lullaby Trust’s Safer Sleep Advice recommends that the room your baby sleeps in should be maintained between 16 and 20 degrees. This is optimal temperature for safer sleep, but we sleep better in cooler temperatures. It is much harder to sleep well when too hot and why we can struggle to sleep throughout the summer months.

What can you do?

  • Use a room thermometer to know the temperature of the room. You may have a baby monitor which measures temperature.

  • Try to place your little ones cot away from a radiator.

  • In warm weather it can be hard too keep the room cool and keep it at a comfortable temperature. Here are some tips how to cool down a warm room.

    • Air the room

    • During the day, block sun out of the room with curtains/blinds to avoid build-up of heat.

    • You can use a fan in your baby’s room but place it away from the cot and do not place directly on your little one.

    • Place frozen bottles of water in front of a fan to cool the air (acting like a little air conditioning unit) or place damp towels over the back of a chair or radiator so the moisture will help cool the air.

Adjust your little ones clothing to the room temperature to ensure they are not overdressed. Use the right TOG sleep bag and dress correctly for the heat of the room.

Access your babies temperature by feeling your baby’s core, chest, neck, back, and tummy. Do not use their hands or feet as indicators as these are often cold too touch. You always need to feel the core. Do their core feel warm, but not sweaty? Not cold? Ok, Perfect!!

If they feel a little too hot then remove a layer.

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