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4 Month Sleep Regression

The ‘4 month sleep regression’ usually takes place between 3-5 months. Your little ones sleep cycles develop to become more like those of an adult. This 'Regression' is actually a progression and is a permanent change to your baby's sleep. Awake/asleep cycles of newborn sleep are replaced with more complex cycles. Each different stage of sleep are responsible form everything from storing memories to physical and mental development and everything in-between. We all naturally wake between each of these cycles and it is now learning how to get back to sleep between each cycle that is the key.

Key signs of he 4 Month Sleep 'Regression...

  • Suddenly they are fighting sleep more than usual.

  • Much harder for them to fall asleep.

  • Short/shorter naps- sometimes just one sleep cycle which is approximately 35-45 minutes long.

  • More frequent night waking - they are maybe waking every one to two hours through the night.

For some families, it is obvious when their baby starts to go through the 4 month sleep regression, while for others the changes might be more subtle.

How long does it last?

For some little ones, particularly those who are able to fall asleep independently without lots of support, this is often a smooth transition. The impact for others can lead to multiple night waking's, short naps and difficulty falling asleep. These little ones are likely to need more help to practice how to fall asleep, and return themselves to sleep each time they naturally wake through sleep cycles.

Tips for improving sleep...

  • Support your baby to be able to fall asleep, and return to sleep, independently. This can be a gradual process to help your baby learn to fall asleep independently.

  • Introduce a routine. It is great to plan naps at the right times for your baby to ensure they are ready for their nap but not overtired.

  • Follow a naptime and bedtime routine.

  • Optimise your baby's sleep environment. A dark and calm space for your little one.

  • Ask for help. Get early nights and ensure to look after yourself too!

Need some more help? Get in touch!

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