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The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club is a 1-hour monthly virtual Q&A session, shared with fellow parents, who will most likely be as knackered as you are. It is a relaxed and welcoming environment to ask your sleep questions, create friendships with people you know are definitely going to be up for a coffee. I will be hosting and offering advice and tips to help you implement good sleep practices at home.


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How it works

The Midnight Club Q&A's are held online over Zoom each month. Here's some things you need to know:

  • After attending one of our talks, you who will also have access to a private WhatsApp group for the month, where I will be available to offer advice

  • I will be on the call to offer advice for any of your common sleep issues, but this is not a consultation. Baby Sleep is complex, and instead I want to offer subjects up for discussion. This is a relaxed space to help guide you, but also to empower you and hopefully allow you to support each other through a season of life that so many parents find incredibly hard, but don't talk about!

  • This will be a no-judgement zone. All parenting approaches are welcomed. Let's build a community of people who welcome each and every circumstance and issue, and support each other in this parenting journey

  • By attending you also get an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount for all our Sleep Packages

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