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Hey, I'm Ellis!
I am an Infant Sleep Consultant and more importantly a Mum of two. I know from my own experience how lack of sleep can impact everything…including health.
Me and my partner had our eldest child, Ruben, in the first Covid lockdown and I became obsessed with his sleep and wanting to find a way for us all to get better sleep.
I found myself on my phone researching sleep all hours of the night knowing there must be a way to get longer stretches of sleep from him. Those nights were lonely, emotional, stressful and LONG. I am sure you have been part of the midnight club with me and know how that feels!

Sadly, when my little boy was 9 months old I had my first symptoms that later turned into a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Fatigue was real and the news about my diagnosis hit me hard. Thankfully I had spent lots of time reaching out to Sleep Consultants to get Ruben sleeping well during day and night, giving me the time I needed to rest and have a break.

I am passionate about empowering parents to become experts in their children’s sleep. Every child is different and you do not need to continue to suffer with sleep deprivation.
I am here to help no matter what your reasons are. 

I am here to provide a personalised sleep plan, support, and guidance to get you and your family the good night sleep you deserve.

Book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call now and see if I am the right sleep consultant for you!
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